"Is it a birthday today?" - my daughter said Good Morning to me this way. What an excitement! It was building up from the moment we've received the most amazing , colourful box with my daughter name on it! It's just like Christmas, but I didn't move finger this time! :) the kids started getting ready, we've baked a cake- ingredients where included in the box content. We had the most amazing experience with the professionalism the organisers showed, the care, the thoughtfulness! Everything! Even the trophy was included, sweet treats for great concentration of the children- they were very well entertained, I must admit!

Truly and highly recommend!

Mrs V.Grisius

Absolutely love that this virtual party was not having my child just stare at the screen, all the children were actively building bricks with the virtual entertainer setting challenges, they only looked up when the next challenge was shared or when it was show and tell time.  Massively impressed with the children concentrating building their items and how much they enjoyed being able to share then. 

Each child got a trophy at the end to congratulate them on their excellent building - my son was over the moon.

This is genuinely a virtual party with a difference.  Highly Recommend!

Caroline Broadstone

The party was superb our Entertainer was fantastic and kept the children engaged for the full hour.  What was most amazing were all the amazing feedback I received from parents saying that my daughter's friends all felt like it was their own party that was happening.  It all started with receiving the beautifully presented Bespoke Party Parcel, generating the excitement to opening the box, then the cake bake challenge and then building together via Zoom.

I was told the children who were invited kept asking if it was the day of the party yet as they just could not wait!  Will be using Bespoke Party Parcels for my eldest birthday coming up too.

Michelle Baker

Absolutely Amazing! I asked my son how did he enjoy his virtual party and he said I would like it over and over and over again it was just perfect! Mums all said thank you for getting their little ones so excited for a party it lovely to see especially during these difficult times.  Did not have to worry about hiring a hall, catering, party decorations etc.  All in all a stress free experience that delivered!  I highly recommend Bespoke Party Parcels.

Samantha Olson