We take the stress out of planning and running your child's virtual party by providing an end-to-end service, leaving you to just manage the ever-building excitement at home!

This is how it works;

1. We work with you to understand what activities your child enjoys doing and whether they would like a to have a particular theme at the party.

Example activities; Building blocks / Play Dough / Play Sand / Slime / Jewellery-making / Painting

Example themes; Princesses / Pirates / Superheroes / Kids Movies

The chosen activity and theme will then form the basis for your child's virtual birthday party.

2.  We package up your party parcels in a colourful, suitably sized box. They will contain the chosen activity along with assorted party items, all customisable based on your requirements.

​3.  We send the party parcels to all attendees, ensuring that they arrive with sufficient time before the big day*. On the parcels arrival, the excitement around the party will quickly build across your group of attendees! 

4.  We will arrange the virtual party, ensuring that full details are provided well in advance of the big day. The party will be facilitated using a Zoom business account which has no time limit, although virtual parties would normally last no longer than 1 hour.

5.  For the virtual party itself, we will provide an experienced party entertainer to host your virtual party (see entertainer bios). The party host will run a series of games which will keep children entertained and engaged throughout the party.

*Due to Covid-19 we ask for sufficient notice of the party date to ensure the parcels are delivered at each recipient at least three days before the party to allow for the necessary 72 hours quarantine time before handling is allowed.

Please complete the Party Parcel Enquiry Form in order for us to provide you with options and a quote.  To provide an idea around costs, the most basic option would be GBP25 per person (not including a Host).